Our Quality

First Line Ltd take important steps to ensure that the products supplied are of the highest quality, a quality that is representative of the brands’ position in the market. First Line understands every aspect of the products supplied and always provides customers with as much technical support as they need.

A significant investment has been made to build an on-site technical facility that enables the specification, testing, comparison and inspection of Clutch products including CSC.

Before a product is introduced and catalogued, whether it’s Clutch or any other reference, it goes through extensive quality control processes to approve the quality of product and application. All products are fully tested and certified at production by ISO accredited manufacturers. then new product samples are evaluated against OE and technical specification drawings before being added into the catalogue and released into the market. Once introduced, the quality control continues as all new product deliveries are 100% cross checked until fully approved and switched over to random inspection. All products are batch coded for trace-ability to ensure that distributors can have total peace of mind, when associating themselves with our brands, that what’s in the box won’t let them or their customers down.

Our Quality Procedures

    • Audited factory inspections
    • Ongoing inspections to confirm product standards.
    • All products are covered by a comprehensive warranty
    • Dedicated technical team to assist and support
    • Clutch testing centre
    • We work to ISO9001:2015 with a rigorous QMS system

    Our Quality Certificates

    The success of our quality procedures are demonstrated by these quality certificates.
      • R90
      • ISO 9001:2015
      • Block Exemption Regulation Proof
      ISO9001 BER